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About Dr Moss

Thames Valley Psychology's purpose is to provide personalized, high-quality consultation, assessment and psychological therapy for individuals and couples. My aim is to help people achieve the best possible recovery and resolution of their difficulties, via careful assessment and tailored psychological therapy. 

I am a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.

I am registered with the Health and Social Care Professions Council and have been a qualified Clinical Psychologist since 1991.

"My main approach is cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) which has been recognised as being effective via National Institute for clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines for a wide range of psychological problems. In addition, I use other approaches such as dialectical behaviour therapy, mindfulness, cognitive analytical therapy, positive psychology and compassionate-focused approaches, as required. I have comprehensive experience in the full range of mental health issues in adults, but I've also worked with pain management, disability, and in forensic mental health. "

"In addition to my private practice, until recently I worked in the NHS with ex-armed services veterans with mental health and adjustment difficulties and also in an inpatient setting for people with severe and enduring mental health difficulties. "

…And, yes, I know….Dr Phil…..if I only had a pound for every time someone has said that. 

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