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Some comments from former clients:

“Working with Phil on my first private foray into therapy was a constructive, worthwhile and rewarding experience…Through the sessions I had, I was able to take a different perspective on the issues that were troubling me when I was first referred to him…and left my therapy with a different outlook, a renewed confidence and readiness for the situations in the future that I feel may have, in the past, caused me distress…His non-judgemental and welcoming approach was ideal in being able to open up which in these situations is so very important…”

"Thank you for helping us to make progress and move forward"

"Your help has been invaluable"

"You have been wonderful in helping me to learn to understand and manage my difficulties. Your very calming and thoughtful approach was reassuring and I felt understood. "

"You really know your stuff!"

"I would like to thank you for the hugely positive effect you have had on my / our life. I know I will always need to be aware of my anger but I feel so much better able to deal with it now."

"It's been life-changing"

"Thank you so much for all your support and guidance and helping me to see through the fog to get clarity - if I compare to where I was this time last year it's like night and day!"